How does our society hate women? Let me count the ways:

A is for Access to Abortion or lack thereof and Ageism

B is for Birth trauma, Body shaming and the Beauty industry

C is for Cis white male privilege and also for cervical fluid, the fundamental piece of a conversation about fertility, left out because of the collective disgust for the powerful things a women’s body can do

D is for Domestic violence reminding us that statistically the most dangerous thing to happen to a woman was a man

E is for Emotional labor, the free work that women do on behalf of the world in order for it to heal and the lack of recognition we get for it, and for the male Ego, lest it not be bruised in our fight toward Equality

F is the Female genital mutilation a practice that is alive and well that seeks to remove an organ whose sole purpose is pleasure, an organ whose full anatomy was not recognized by the medical community until 1998

G is for Gaslighting, Ghosting, and the Glass ceiling we have to smash through

H is for Hate crimes and Human rights=women’s rights

I is for Income Inequality and Infertility over diagnosed, under discussed, stigmatized, and for Identify, as in you are allowed to identify however you want

J is for Justice, a system that fails to protect us and often works against us. Asking us to bury our aborted fetuses, asking us to value a man’s ability over a woman’s right to feel safe in her body, asking us to prove that we are worth considering as human beings.

K is for Knowledge, access to which is limited based on the genitals you were born with, the biggest weapon and the humblest cure

L is for Locker room talk and Language, like hysteria, hormonal, incompetent cervix, even vagina, the etymology of which is scabbard or sheath, considered only in relation to the penis and not on its own terms, and something to enter violently with a sword

M is for Misogyny, Misgendering, Mansplaining, and Menstruation. Matriarchy now!

N is for #Notallmen rather than #yesallwomen

O is for Oppression and Obstetrical violence

P is for “grab them by the Pussy” - united states President elect but it is also for (Pantsuit Nation)

Q is for Queer, a way of defining yourself, you are allowed, and it is for Questioning the status Quo—Question everything

R is for Rape culture, the unreported crimes, the unopened kits, the idea that a man’s swimming career is more important than enforcing the correct definition of consent

S is for Street harassment and Sexual assault, Sterilization without consent, and Slut Shaming

T is for Transphobic and Tampon Tax

U is for Uterus – which is not necessary in the definition of what a woman is, which has power, meaning, and the ability to create life

V is for Victim blaming, for VULVA the word for the thing that most of us are still calling VAGINA because we don't bother to call women’s parts their correct names

W is for Witch Hunts, White supremacy, and, as Ta-Nehisi Coates Writes, the belief in being White, which has meant the belief in one’s power to dominate, exclude, and dehumanize. “Black women, we can and will do better for you”-Jesse Williams.

X is for Xenophobia

Y is for You, as in You, as in Your part in all of this

Z is for Zero—the tolerance we have for all of the above