5VS News Roundup

We will regularly roundup current articles that have stayed on our minds to share with you all. If there are any articles, podcasts, videos, or content that you want to add to our next round-up, please email us at thefifthvitalsign@gmail.com. CW: violence against LGBTQ and POC, maternal mortality

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  • "Six years ago, California became the first state to mandate that students be taught about the contributions of and trials faced by LGBT people in social studies classes. It remains the only state to have such a law on the books. Now, after many delays and much wrangling over the details — including a failed attempt to nix the law by conservative groups — state officials reached a milestone this November when they voted to approve the first revised K-8 textbooks to include the mandated material."
  • Read more here: http://time.com/5022698/california-history-lgbt-textbooks-curriculum/
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  • "California is now the largest state in the nation to have legal and regulated recreational marijuana. . .  a lesser-known provision in the state’s new law, along with efforts in a few local jurisdictions, aims to repair some of the damage that the criminalization of marijuana has done to so many communities."
  • Proposition 64 "also authorized a new process for individuals in the state to get previous marijuana-related convictions retroactively reduced, reclassified as lesser offenses or dismissed altogether." "But relief is not automatic under the new law. Individuals who want their marijuana convictions reclassified or cleared must submit an application to a court. They may also need to hire an attorney to help them through the process."
  • "Oakland launched the nation’s first equity permit program earlier this year. It sets aside half of all medical and recreational marijuana business licenses for applications by individuals hit hardest by marijuana criminalization. . . .To qualify as an equity applicant, individuals must be an Oakland resident whose annual income is less than 80 percent of the average in the region and either have a previous marijuana conviction or have lived in over-policed areas of the city for 10 of the last 20 years. For those who qualify, the application fee is also waived. City councils in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento are also considering equity programs."
  • Read more here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/california-marijuana-legalization-war-on-drugs_us_5a3c1303e4b025f99e15b738
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  • "Celebrities wore all black to The Golden Globes last night to protest sexual assault and sexual harassment happening in the film/tv industry (and to a small extent, elsewhere). I was one of the few people unimpressed. It's great that celebrities donated money to Time's Up, a legal defense fund combating sexual harassment in the workplace, but the wearing of black $150,000 dresses is creating a visibility that is unrelatable, passive, and potentially more harmful than helpful."
  • Read more here: http://lachristagreco.com/blog/wearing-black-is-the-bare-minimum-now-what/1/8/2018
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  • "When the school became concerned that some of the 150 students, aged 11 to 13, may not have a "dad" to join them for breakfast, Dove got an idea. She put up a notice on Facebook seeking volunteers. Her initial goal was 50. Overnight, however, she got hundreds of responses. In four days, she nearly reached 400 mentors interested in participating. Ultimately 600 men showed up to Billy Earl Dade Middle School."
  • Read more here: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/hundreds-men-show-dallas-schools-breakfast-dads-event/story?id=52218033