Emily Varnam (pronouns: She/Her)  is a birth worker, reproductive health educator and advocate. In witnessing maternity care from such an intimate stand point she was able to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for questioning the system, on every level. Her passions lie in story telling and connecting through human experience. She currently lives in Detroit, Michigan where she teaches sex education and body literacy out of her home and through various organizations to all ages. She moved to Detroit to return to the skills which we can hold in our hands and constantly seeks to build what is needed in the world, in community. For her, person to person communication and connection is vital to growth and survival. She co founded The Fifth Vital Sign because she believes every person has the right to feel safe in their body, and it starts with accurate information and everyday advocacy. 

Kelsey Knight (pronouns: She/Her) is a registered nurse specializing in childbirth and a lactation consultant in New York City. In college, she worked as a birth doula, which opened her eyes to the imperatives of informed consent and health care as human rights. She co-founded The Fifth Vital Sign in response to the lack of informed consent she witnessed as a labor and delivery nurse. For her, the Fifth Vital Sign addresses important needs around body literacy and informed choice. She’s also interested in documenting stories.